FedVan Manager, Rochelle Ottman, asked PRB Tech to develop a modern website with a professional design and the functionality to automate their registration process without the use of third-party software for handling digital signatures. We delivered, on-time and on-budget! We also set up social media pages. You can check out the website by clicking on the following link: FedVan Homepage.


The FedVan app provides real-time van location, schedule updates & push notification, reporting capability and QR code scanning in addition to contact information. This app ties into the RTC’s Rideshare program which will automatically certify your daily ridership with the Regional Transportation Commission. This makes you eligible for their monthly drawings.

Easy Reporting Capability

We’ll take care of the routine maintenance on the vans for you. Once a month, we’ll get the oil changed (every 5,000 miles), perform an inspection, check the tire pressure and wash your van inside and out. However, if any issues arise in between the monthly scheduled routine maintenance, you can use the app to notify us and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

QR Code Capability

You can use the QR code functionality to certify your daily ridership. There is a QR code on the inside of the passenger windows in each of the vans. If your program requires you to certify your ridership, this automates that requirement and we can create reports for you using the data. As an added bonus we’ll see to it that your daily ridership is submitted to their Rideshare program. This will make you eligible for incentives and monthly drawings. The RTC is the Regional Transportation Commission and they are the government agency that owns and operates Park & Rides throughout Nevada.

Vanpool Coordination

Want to know where your van is located? We’ve got you covered. You might want to see where it was last parked. Or, if you’re running a bit late, you can check and see if it’s already left. Lastly, if you can’t locate your van in it’s usual parking spot, perhaps someone is just filling up with gas. Now you’ll know.

What happens if your van needs to leave early due to an unscheduled meeting? No problem. Simply update the date and departure time on the app’s calendar and everyone that rides in your van and has the app installed will receive a push notification with the update.

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